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Everything You Need to Know, About Getting the Most Home for Your Money!
Everything You Need to Know, About Selling Your Home Fast for Top Dollar!
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Everything You Need to Know, About Getting the Most Home for Your Money!
Everything You Need to Know, About Selling Your Home Fast for Top Dollar!
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Achieving your goals when selling your home
all starts with one thing:  Knowledge!

When you are armed with the proper information, all of the complicated pieces of the home selling puzzle will fall into place. An organized, planned approach to selling your real estate will eliminate the guesswork, insure that you avoid the costly pitfalls, and enjoy a successful, low stress transaction.

Learning the inside story of how the real estate sales industry works may surprise you! (NOT the way it used to work 5 or 10 years ago, but how it works today!) It's time to reveal the full truth about selling your home!

Most people tend to be emotional about their homes. The thought of selling your home may bring on deep feelings of sadness, joy, fear, uncertainty, and excitement all at the same time!

This brings us to the first thing you're going to have to do in order to successfully sell your home:

Realize that selling a house is a dollars and cents transaction,
and you need to put all your emotional attachments aside.

The value of anything, including houses, is determined by the law of supply and demand. If there are lots of sellers and few buyers, prices tend to go down and houses take longer to sell. This is referred to as a "Buyers market". On the other hand, if there are many eager buyers, but few homes for sale, prices will rise and houses will sell very quickly. This is a "Seller's market".
Your area may be at one extreme or the other,
but most likely is somewhere in between.

Next, take a look at your neighborhood. Compare your home to others based on criteria such as style, size, number of bedrooms and baths, garage, basement, pool, view, lot size, etc. You should soon get a good feel for what price your home should bring given the current market conditions.

To put the odds of achieving your goals strongly in your favor, you need to know and understand the eight -step home selling process. This process is not based on textbook theory. It has been tested and proven over many years and thousands of successful transactions.

  • Offers and Contract Negotiation
  • Closing and Moving

Taking the time to learn, and going one step at a time, will pay off when you do achieve your goal:  A fast, smooth sale at top dollar.

Here are some of the questions you will need answers to:

How do we get an accurate estimate of our home's current market value?

What do we do first? Sell? or Buy?

How much will it cost to sell?

What other things help to make it sell?

How do we arrive at the right asking price?

How do we maximize exposure to buyers?

What should we do to avoid mistakes?

Should we try to sell without an agent?

What should we plan for moving day?

A frank discussion about fees.

Other facts about selling you should know.

Please let us know how we can help.

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